The Smith Machine

If you breathe oxygen, you have probably talked shit about people that use this at one point in time. The internet wants you to despise this piece of equipment. I used to despise it. But I came to love it, and I want to tell you about that. This poor motherfucker is exactly why … Continue reading The Smith Machine

Free Push/Pull/Legs Hypertrophy Routine

Hey guys, real quick, I wanted to share this routine with you that I put together today. This is a 6-day hypertrophy program based on a push/pull/legs split. You can re-arrange the days however fits your schedule. Mondays are a struggle to get a bench so I do leg day, and Saturdays are at Planet … Continue reading Free Push/Pull/Legs Hypertrophy Routine

**Announcement** – New Domain!!

Heads-up! I am now the owner of! This should hopefully motivate me to create more content and make the domain purchase worth it! Instead of spending the majority of my time on instagram (who am I kidding?), I will instead devote more time to putting up information, guides, videos, and soon, interviews!So head on … Continue reading **Announcement** – New Domain!!